Tax Exempt Association Group (TEA Group)

The Tax Exempt Association Group, or TEA Group for short, is a monthly networking group formed by Jones and Kolb, and coordinated with the Georgia Society of Association Executives (GSAE) and the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN), that facilitates the discussion of accounting, tax and managerial issues faced by financial and administrative staff of local nonprofits. Originally formed in 1993, participants at TEA Group events discuss a variety of topics submitted directly by members, providing attendees with valuable information that they can immediately implement in – and apply to – their organizations. To register for an upcoming TEA Group meeting or to suggest a topic for discussion, please contact Molly Amos at or 404-262-7920 x2358.

  • WHERE:   Maggiano’s Buckhead, 3368 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305
  • WHEN:     11:15 am – 1:00 pm, Last Tuesday of each month (except December)
  • COST:       $25/person


January 28, 2020     990 Tax Update and Other Fun Topics!




  • The Importance of Conducting an Annual Fraud Checkup
  • New Overtime Regulations and Their Impact on Nonprofit Organizations
  • Analysis of Giving  – USA 2018 Trends and High Net Worth Philanthropy
  • Differences Between GAAP and Form 990 Financial Reporting
  • Further FASB Clarification on Distinguishing Grants and Contributions from Exchange Transactions
  • Highlights from State and National Nonprofit Conferences
  • Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s — The Need and Benefits of Legal, HR, IT and Tax Compliance Reviews
  • Accounting Update on Recent Pronouncements Impacting Nonprofits
  • Updates on Privacy and Data Security for Nonprofits and Why Cyber Defenses Need to be Addressed
  • Update on Uncertain Tax Issues Impacting Nonprofits from the 2017 Tax Reform Act


  • Record Retention in the Digital Age
  • New Grants and Contracts Recognition Criteria
  • FASB New Standard Implementation Web Portal – Revenue Recognition
  • Microsoft Windows, Office 365 and other IT Issues in Plain English
  • Highlights from the Nonprofit Conferences
  • Not-for-Profit Financial Statement ASU Toolkit
  • Telling Your Financial Story (through your financial statements, tax returns & other documents)
  • Philanthropic Disruptions
  • Employee Cyber Security Awareness
  • Tax Reform Highlights and Impact on Nonprofits


  • Tax Rules for Deferred Compensation Plans, Executive Bonuses and Fringe Benefits
  • Tackling the Top Complexities in NFP Accounting
  • The Biggest Financial Issues Facing Today’s NFPs
  • Proposed Accounting Revisions for Restricted Contributions & Government Grants
  • Highlights from the Not-for-Profit National and State Conferences
  • Disaster Recovery Plans (a fresh look after the I-85 disruption)
  • Top Form 990 Preparation Errors and Misunderstandings
  • Time to Start Thinking About How to Implement the New Revenue Recognition Accounting Standard
  • Regulators and Watchdog Groups are Bearing Down on Charities — Find Out What They are Looking For
  • The IRS Tax Exempt & Government Entities FY 2017 Work Plan & Changes to the 2016 Form 990
  • What Impact Will the Presidential Election Have on Nonprofits?


  • Sample Financial Statements that Incorporate the New Disclosures Required by Recently Issued Accounting Standards
  • Employment Tax Changes and Compliance for Charitable Organizations
  • What Motivates Donors to Contribute and What Doesn’t?
  • Accounting Update (including NFP Financial Reporting, Revenue Recognition, Leases and Financial Instruments)
  • Highlights from the Not-for-Profit Conference
  • Preventing and Detecting Fraud in a NFP (including Cyber Fraud)
  • Key Performance Indicators that Really Perform
  • 2016 Priorities for the IRS Exempt Organizations Division and New Tax Laws Impacting NFPs
  • The New Overtime Rules and a Review of Off-the-Clock Comp and Travel Time Rules
  • Record Retention Policies and How to Store the Information
  • The Not-for-Profit Advisory Council – Resources for Accounting, Tax & Governance


  • GAAP Update
  • What Keeps NFP Management Awake at Night?
  • Tax Red Flags and Myths
  • Model Accounting Policies and Procedures
  • The Many Hats of the CFO – Skills You Need to Bring to the Table
  • Highlights From National and State Nonprofit Conferences
  • Proposed Changes to Nonprofit Financial Reporting:  You Get a Vote!
  • If You Want to be Successful, Attention to Detail Matters (Lessons Learned from a Navy Seal)
  • Setting Criteria for Board Members
  • The Management of Investment Decisions – Building a Framework for Success
  • The Fraud-Resistant Organization:  Tools, Traits and Techniques to Deter and Detect Financial Reporting Fraud


  • Accounting Standards Updates for Nonprofits and What’s on the Horizon
  • NPO Board Priorities and Best Governance Practices
  • Overhead Rhymes with Garlic Bread (Tastes Good but Smells Bad)
  • Balancing Brevity, Understandability and Completeness of Financial Statements
  • Highlights from National and State Nonprofit Conferences
  • Body Language 0 What You Hear or Say is Only Part of What is Communicated
  • Federal Nonprofit Update
  • Charitable Giving Compliance
  • Board Policies, Responsibilities and Orientations
  • Advertising vs. Qualified Corporate Sponsorship


  • What Keeps You Up At Night?
  • Update on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • The Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Executive
  • Highlights of Recent AICPA and GSCPA Nonprofit Conferences
  • Nuances of Nonprofit Accounting and Reporting
  • Form 990 Changes, Problem Areas and IRS Focus
  • Using Key Performance Indicators to Measure Success
  • Thwarting Common Fraud Schemes
  • Moving IT Systems to the Cloud


  • Navigating the Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage Mandate
  • IRS Audits of Tax Exempt Organizations – Current Areas of Focus
  • A Practical Approach to Implementing Enterprise Risk Management
  • Planned Giving 101 – If Ever There was a Time, Now Is It
  • The GAAP Nonprofit Financial Reporting Model
  • Highlights from the National and State Nonprofit Conferences
  • Changes to the Revised AICPA Nonprofit Audit and Accounting Guide
  • Challenges Related to Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures
  • Accounting and Tax Issues Related to Special Events
  • State and Local Tax Reporting
  • How Should You Run Your Nonprofit Organization?


  • Vexing Form 990 Issues
  • Compensation Planning, Perks and Pitfalls
  • That’s Not UBIT Is It?
  • Hot Topics in Governance
  • Tax Issues That Can Hurt
  • Highlights from the Nonprofit Conference
  • Ten Building Blocks for Successful Nonprofit Operations and Red Flags to Heed
  • Lessons Learned from Finding Fraud and Tips to Improve Internal Controls
  • Functional Expenses Allocation – Are You Properly Allocating Costs?
  • 2010 Fundraising Survey – What’s Working, What’s Not and What are the Trends?
  • Cyber Theft and Ways to Minimize Your Exposure


  • Accounting and Auditing Update
  • Essential Requirements for Maintaining Tax Exempt Status
  • What are Operating Reserves?
  • Behind the Headlines – Trends and Issues Impacting Nonprofits
  • Using Form 990 to Maximize Donor Benefit
  • Highlights from the National and Georgia Nonprofit Conferences
  • The IRS View of Nonprofit Governance – A Checklist of What They Are Looking For
  • Fraud and Embezzlements – How and Why it Happens and the Likely Suspects
  • What Changes Did You Make to Help Survive the Economic Downturn?
  • The Revised Form 990 – Round 2:  Issues and Preparation Tips
  • The Impact of International Convergence on U.S. Accounting Standards