Not-for-profit organizations need specialized assistance to navigate the maze of compliance and disclosure rules to which they must adhere. Charitable and educational organizations, trade associations and foundations each strive to meet their individual goals while juggling all the challenges that come with the responsibility with which you have been entrusted.

Managing limited resources with care and commitment is one of the many ways you support your end users. Jones and Kolb has extensive experience representing organizations in this special community, providing guidance to more than 100 of these important entities in the Atlanta area alone.

The firm also facilitates the Tax Exempt Association (TEA) Group for the financial and administrative staff of area not-for-profits. This group meets monthly to discuss financial, tax and managerial issues, serves as a forum for roundtable discussion of industry issues and facilitates networking among peers.

Our wide-ranging experience helps us bring you the efficiencies you need, coupled with a high level of technical expertise and the ability to communicate financial information to nonfinancial managers and board members. Services include:

  • Accounting, audit and review
  • Tax preparation
  • Recommendations to improve financial oversight and governance
  • Assistance with application for tax-exempt status
  • Accounting for investments and investment policies
  • Review of spending policies
  • Internal controls
  • Personnel policies
  • Operational audits
  • Development of deferred and incentive compensation plans
  • Key Performance Indicators/dashboards for boards and management
  • Compliance with governmental grant requirements
  • Board orientations

To learn more about our services for not-for-profit organizations, contact Bliss Jones, Ann Thompson, Laura Heller, Brian Muia, or Colin Blalock at 404-262-7920.

To learn more about the TEA Group, please contact Molly Amos at or 404-262-7920.