Design Information Group (DIGroup)

Originally formed in 1988, the participants at DIGroup events discuss a variety of topics submitted directly by members, providing attendees with valuable information that they can immediately implement in – and apply to – their organizations. To register for an upcoming DIGroup meeting or to suggest a topic for discussion, please contact Molly Amos at or 404-262-7920 x2358.

  • WHERE:   Maggiano’s Buckhead, 3368 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305
  • WHEN:     11:15 am – 1:00pm, Last Wednesday of each month (except December)
  • COST:       $25/person



We do not have a meeting in December.  Jones and Kolb wishes you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season!




  • New Overtime Rules
  • Year-End Planning and How to Approach Your Tax Liability this Year
  • Getting Your House (Financial) in Order
  • Are You Missing the Opportunity in Opportunity Zones?
  • Best Practices for Communicating Financial Information to Non-Financial People
  • Wage and Hour Compliance in the 21st Century – Paying Employees the Correct Way
  • Mastering Your Resources in 2019
  • New Year, New Rules – Tax and Accounting Changes that Impact Your Business


  • Record Retention and the Digital Age
  • What is Documentation for Expenses Deducted on Your Return?
  • Year-End Planning — Now What?
  • Qualified Business Income Deduction:  Update on Proposed Regulations & Impact to You
  • Owning Your Data in the Cloud — Do You or Don’t You?
  • What the IRS is Concentrating on for 2018 — New Approaches to Employee Business Expenses
  • How the New Tax Rules Will Impact the Benefits and Expenses of Your Employees
  • Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Tax Reform Highlights and Impact on Individuals, Corporations, S Corporations and Partnerships


  • Stay Ahead of Fraud with Big Data Analytics
  • Benchmarking Your Firm’s Financial Performance vs. Other Similar A/E Firms
  • Revenue Recognition – The New Frontier (this will impact how you report income on your financial statement).
  • Flex Time and Working from Home:  Does it Work?  If Not, Why Not?
  • Cybersecurity — Avoid These Common Pitfalls
  • Internal Controls for Small and Mid-Sized Companies
  • What is the Proper Documentation for Travel and Business Expenses?
  • Do You Have an Emergency Plan for Your Company?
  • Documentation You Need to Stay Out of Trouble So You Can Avoid Saying WTF! (Where’s the files?)
  • New Tax Rules for 2017 (including new social security base, due dates of returns, etc.)


  • What do the Election Results Mean for Your Business?
  • Year-End Tax Planning and Other Scary Things!
  • The New Overtime Rules and Issues Involving Travel, Off-the-Clock Time and Proper Documentation
  • Key Performance Indicators That Really Perform
  • Preventing and Detecting Fraud Including Cyber Fraud
  • It’s Not What You Say that is Heard . . . Is Your Body Language the Key?
  • How to Manage the Cash in Your Business to Maximize Growth
  • Roundtable Discussion
  • Record Retention Policies and How to Store the Information
  • IRS Audit Triggers:  Are You a Target for an IRS Audit?
  • The New Proposed FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) Overtime Rules:  What are they and what has changed?


  • Emerging Trends Five Years After the Affordable Care Act
  • Year-End Planning Including Scary Stories
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Personnel Issues:  Employee Activities/How Does It Impact Your Company?
  • Record Retention and an IRS Pitfall!
  • Ethics: Employee Policy on What is/is not Acceptable AND Short Term Investment Policy:  How to Develop a Policy
  • Changing the World (Lessons Learned from a Navy Seal)
  • Internal Controls for Small Businesses:  What Do You Have to Lose?
  • How to Perform a Financial Health Check Up on Your Business
  • Internal Controls for Small Businesses:  What Do You Have to Lose?
  • Cyber Crime – What Can You do to Protect Yourself and Your Organization?


  • 2014 Survey Results:  What is Happening in the Industry and in Atlanta?
  • Year-End Tax Planning:  Why Start Now?
  • What Should be in the Firm’s Minute Book?
  • Flaws Controller and DFO Need to Avoid to Keep Their Company Healthy
  • Compensation:  How to Handle Issues!
  • Are You Bankable?  What does the bank consider when they review your financial needs?
  • Fraud Schemes and Deterrents
  • The IRS Dirty Dozen Tax Schemes and Shams
  • Employee Benefits – What is the Current Standard in the Industry?
  • What Changes Take Place in 2014 from an Accounting and Tax Standpoint?



  • What Keeps You Up at Night?
  • The Family Medical Leave Act – How it Affects Your Business
  • Understanding and Navigating Health Care Reform
  • IRS Audit Triggers
  • What Benefits do Employees Want?
  • A New Thought Process to Address Problems: The Six Thinking Hats!
  • Transition Planning, Unlocking the Future!
  • So, What Tax Law Passed and Where Do We Go From Here?


  • Avoiding Audits for Small Businesses
  • Understanding the New Repair and Maintenance Rules: What Can You Write Off, What Needs to be Capitalized?
  • Year-End Planning!
  • Highlights of the Southeast Accounting Show
  • How Much Are You Really Paying in Taxes?
  • The IRS’s New Voluntary Worker-Classification Settlement Program
  • What is Corporate Wellness? How Can it Benefit Your Company?
  • A Legal Update: Keeping Your Company in Good Standing
  • Getting Your House in Order
  • How to Create a Successful Social Media & Web Marketing Strategy
  • New Rules and Tax Changes That Start in 2012 – Tax Topics and Issues


  • Identity Theft in the Workplace
  • 2011 Year End Planning
  • HR – Issues That Can Hurt You and Ways to Mitigate the Damage
  • 2011 Survey Results: What is Happening in the Industry in Atlanta
  • Legal Issues Involving Design Firms
  • Body Language: It is Not What You Say That is Heard!
  • An Update on the Banking Industry, When is the Dust Going to Settle?
  • Lessons Learned from Finding Fraud and Tips to Improve Internal Controls
  • 10 Essential Elements to Long-Term Sustained Growth
  • Cyber Theft and Ways to Minimize Your Exposure
  • 2011 Tax Update – What Law Applies Now


  • Year-End Tax Planning
  • The Small Business Job Act of 2010 (the Jobs Act)
  • Federal and State Tax Refunds You May Be Missing
  • Roundtable Discussion: Issues in the Design Industry
  • Current IRS Issues in Design Firms
  • E-Discovery Rules and Risks: Understanding the Real-World Rules for the Virtual World of Electronic Documentation
  • Update on Trends and Conditions in the Industry: Where is the Industry and Where is it Going?
  • The New 2010 Tax Act: Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (HIRE)
  • Independent Contractor Rules: How to Stay Out of Trouble
  • Social Networking and How to Use it in Your Business
  • 2010 Tax Update and Topics for 2010 DIGroup